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3 Stages of Money Mastery

Dated: September 12 2022

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Ever wondered what it would be like to be financially free? 

Grant Cardone, the greatest Real Estate Investor, gives the public advice on how to master your money to become financially free. 

Stage 1: Making Money

Stage 2: Saving Money

Stage 3: Investing Money

In stage 1, far too many people feel their happiness and potential is dependent on external factors. When you give authoriy over your life to other people, you will never achieve your the goals you want. You must take ownership over everything. 

In stage 2, we are taught from a young age to save money. The banking system profits off of it, but our money is actually rotting through inflation now more than ever. It is essential to take a portion out of the savings and invest it into assets. 

If you do stage 2 consistently, you will one day be wealthy, not rich. Being rich is a short-term illusion that is more prominent than ever with social media. Being wealthy is totally different. In stage 3, you invest your money into growing assests like real estate. Eventually, you will give these assets to your future generations and creating your financial freedom. 

To watch the full video, click the link below:

Money Mastery

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